Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Daily News Roundup: Being An Adult Is Basically Buying Groceries And Then Ordering Pizza When You Get Home

Business & Finance:
Pound slides below $1.31 and FTSE 100 falters as investors price in 55% chance of Fed rate hike by year end (The Telegraph)
EU-U.S. trade deal in doubt as France urges end to talks (Reuters)
Agrium, Potash Corp of Saskatchewan in merger talks, companies confirm (Financial Post)
Inside one of New York's first marijuana dispensaries (Business Insider)
Iraq pledges to support an OPEC freeze deal (Bloomberg)
"At rock bottom," oil discoveries at 70 year low signal supply shortfall ahead (Financial Post)
Gold set for rare losses this month as metal's popularity dims (Bloomberg)
Shell's U.S. deal to unlock global oil asset disposals (Reuters)

World's largest solar power plant develops at speed (Time Out Dubai)
China to boost solar, wind power cooperation with Namibia (China Daily)
South Africa to become wind energy hot spot (Tree Hugger)

International Affairs:
May's Brexit Trigger plan for Parliament (Bloomberg)
Turkey and the West: Don't lose the plot (The Economist)

Art & Design:
Surf-Ace table by Duffy London (Hi Consumption)
Deus Ex Machina Ago TT (Hi Consumption)
Garmin Fenix Chronos (Bless This Stuff)

Monday, August 29, 2016

Africa And The India-Pacific Free Trade Strategy

Japan pledges to invest $30bn in Africa

Japan will invest $30bn in Africa over the next three years, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pledged at a summit in Kenya. Starting this year, Japan will make a $10bn investment in the continent's infrastructure development, focusing on electrical power, urban transport systems, roads and ports, Abe said at the Saturday opening of the Tokyo International…

Crude Oil: A Review Of Who's Taken' It Up The Tailpipe

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Economic Patriotism, Or Do You Mean "Economic Protectionism?"

Economic patriotism and the Americanization of Canada

One of the wonderful things about a road trip across Canada used to be the myriad character of small towns and cities along the route. Mom and Pop burger stands, coffee shops and fruit sellers were once the best part of the journey. That aspect of Canada has been largely paved over with strip malls that…

Japan, A Country In Transition But A Future For Us All?

Japan in transition: Rest of world watches as country tries negative interest rates to spur economy

The Financial Post presents a six-part series on the tectonic economic transformation underway in Japan. The country is currently home to the world's most rapidly aging population, while declining birth rates and low immigration mean Japan is expected to lose a million people a year in the coming decades TOKYO - Atsushi Hirata, business manager for…

Ridin' The Waves In Oil Price

Oil's wild ride: What causes oil prices to fluctuate

Wild swings in oil prices can have a devastating effect on economies like Alberta, yet supply and demand in the global oil market is dictated by myriad complicated factors, beyond the control of any one country or region. Join Geoffrey Morgan, Brice Hall and Carolyn Hall as they explain why forecasting oil is a mug's game…

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Daily News Roundup: I Would Be Inclined To Grow Up If I Saw It Worked For Everyone Else

Business & Finance:
Real world shows economics has a deflation problem (Bloomberg)
The economic pain of raising Britain's drawbridge (The Economist)
Stocks, bonds, dollar run out of steam before Yellen's speech (Bloomberg)

Russian oil production to hit new record in 2016 (Sputnik News)
Breakthrough could eliminate nuclear waste by 2025 (Daily Caller)
Panama canal revamp eases U.S. LNG access to China (MarketWatch)
Iran signal more willingness for OPEC action to boost oil price (The Star)

International Affairs:
EU faces hard work to overcome Brexit (Bloomberg)
French support for the EU projects is crumbling on the left and right (The Telegraph)
Italy toll rises to 247 as anguish mounts (Bloomberg)
Colombia and the FARC: Ending a half-century of war (The Economist)
These charts show the confusing state of Britain's post-Brexit economy (Business Insider)
Glut in solar industry lowers the price (The Tech News)
Global utility scale solar could reach 100GW by year's end (Energy Matters)

Art & Design:
The musket by Hazan Motorworks (Hi Consumption)
Its back! NES Classic Edition (Man of Many
Rooms with a view - Texas glass wall house (Man of Many
An inflatable solar powered LED light: Luci Outdoor 2.0 (Werd)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Storm Clouds Brewing On The Market Horizon

George Orwell's 'negative yield' doublespeak portends another financial crisis brewing

If you've never read George Orwell's 1984, you're missing out on one positively Nostrodamic example of a predicted future accurately unfolding. From TVs that listen and watch (the Internet) to the pursuit of power for power's sake, the 1949 novel that envisioned a future of perpetual warfare and omnipresent government surveillance has materialized in large part.…

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Materials (XLB): Key Breakout Today

Materials Select ETF (XLB) made a key breakout today putting in a bullish long/buy signal after consolidating in a very slender ascending triangle. I've just started following XLB but my momentum indicators are about to bullishly crossover and my long-term indicators are all bullishly aligned. Furthermore, EMA's have just kissed and not bearishly crossing over. The theme here I think is important though because it can be applied to the broader market, and that's the dips should still be bought. We have to rationally over-ride every urge we have to bet against this market regardless of what we read regarding P/E ratio's and VIX purchases. I agree with all arguments that this charade has gone on long enough but change needs to come slowly in small bites that can be readily understood and disseminated by the market in the least destabilzing way. Today, an article was put on Reuters ("Eight Fed Banks Urge Discount Rate Increase") that I think signals this gradual change in direction.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Real Estate (DRN) Bursting Out Of The Gate

Noticed this gem this evening for Real Estate ETF DRN which had a not-so-special day and with EMA's bearishly aligned people could be forgiven for being a little down on it. I  have two problems with this: one, a bullish declining wedge has formed, and two, the volume on DRN was disproportionately high (273,000 shares today against an average of around 60,000). Something's up and I'm not sure what but I wouldn't bet against a move like this!