Friday, November 17, 2017

At Least Something Is Looking Up

Commodities Ready To Strengthen?
By: Tim Knight at

The commodity ETF symbol DBC had been trapped beneath resistance for over two years, but it broke out recently. The weakness we saw in crude oil earlier this week dragged it down some, but it’s push up off support at this point (see arrow). If this level holds (16.05) we could be entering a new upswing in commodities.
As for my own trading day – – MEH – – down half a percent at the moment, but holding tough.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

How Long Will The Correction Last?

Eye On IWM Versus SPY: Is The Bull Market Losing Steam
By: MPTrader at

On November 6, we noted in our Mid-Day Markets update that a comparison of the SPY and IWM showed a deterioration in the Russell 2000 small-cap ETF relative to the big-cap SPY. We said that as long as IWM was trading below its 20 DMA at 149.11, we would view it as vulnerable to downside continuation off of its Oct 9 all-time high at 150.58.
We were watching and continue to watch this SPY-IWM relationship closely, as, historically, in the later stages of a bull market, a divergence is very likely.  In other words, as a bull market loses steam, small companies lose upside momentum relative to the “go to” mega-capitalized companies.
Right now, all eyes are on IWM juxtaposition with its sharply declining 5 DMA, now at 146.41, which has served as a tight-fitting down-sloping resistance line. As long as IWM is trading beneath its 20 DMA, we should consider the dominant near-term downtrend as intact and the dominant near-term influence on price action, which is a negative sign for the SPY and S&P 500 bulls.

Replication Of American Military Technology Continues Unabated

China develops a catapult for planes

Electromagnetic system to boost carrier fleet's combat capability China has developed its own version of a cutting-edge device previously possessed only by the United States and is poised to use it to boost its aircraft carrier fleet's combat capability.

Africa Dipping It's Toes Into Renewable Energy

Firm Makes First Investment in Nigeria's Off-Grid Energy

All On, an independent impact investing company, has made its first set of transactions aimed at facilitating increased access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy sources for low income households, SME's, and communities.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Increasingly Likely Since U.S. Sanctions

Nobody is going to bail out Venezuela

By Henkel Garcia U, Finance Instructor, Professional Studies Extension Programme, Andres Bello Catholic University (UCAB). Venezuela, the South American country convulsed by economic and humanitarian catastrophe, has defaulted on some of its debt after missing an interest payment due in October.


Asia stocks down as plunging oil prices hammer energy firms

Asian energy firms extended a global sell-off Wednesday, dragging regional equity markets, as oil prices continued to tumble on the back of warnings of slowing demand and rising stockpiles. Both main contracts were down more than one percent as investors were spooked after the International Energy Agency (IEA) cut its forecast for crude consumption, saying recovering prices and a mild early winter were weighing on purchases.

Electric Edging In On Watercraft

Fully electric cargo ship launched in Guangzhou

Two technicians pass by the world's first 2,000-metric-ton all-electric cargo ship during its debut in Guangzhou, capital city of Guangdong province. The ship can run 80 kilometers after being fully charged.

Admirable Environmental Goal Met

Expert: Nation is on track for carbon target

A wind farm at Rudong in Jiangsu province. [Photo by Xu Congjun / for China Daily] China is on track to uphold commitments under the Paris climate accord, but some developed countries need to show their sincerity to push the ongoing dialogue forward, according to China's top climate envoy.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bullish For Oil

Oil producers to extend cuts to rebalance market: UAE

Oil producers are expected to unanimously extend a production cut accord later this month but its duration is still under discussion, the UAE energy minister said on Monday. "I think this group of committed and responsible producers came together... and I think they will continue to do what it takes to take us to the next level," United Arab Emirates Energy Minister Suheil al-Mazrouei told the ADIPEC international oil conference in Abu Dhabi.

Ouch! Being Rebuffed From Possibly Being In Every Electronic Device On The Planet

Chip maker Qualcomm rejects $130 bn Broadcom merger bid

Semiconductor giant Qualcomm on Monday said it rejected the $130 billion unsolicited merger bid from fellow chip maker Broadcom which could represent the biggest-ever takeover in the tech sector. Singapore-based Broadcom made the offer last week in what would have consolidated two major players in the booming sector fueled by growth in smartphones and other connected devices.

Monday, November 13, 2017

I Wish This Were True

Maduro says Venezuela will 'never' default on its massive debt

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro insisted on Sunday that his cash-strapped country would "never" default, as he prepared to meet with creditors in Caracas to discuss rescheduling part of the country's massive $150 billion debt.

How The Times Have Changed

Billionaires Beg Republicans Not To Cut Their Taxes

Rich people to Congress: Raise our taxes, don't cut them. The GOP plan to reduce income taxes on the super rich “further exacerbates inequality” at a time when the gap between rich and poor is historically wide, says a group of 400 left-leaning CEOs, doctors, lawyers, and business owners, which is calling on the Republican Party to drop the proposal.

Brave Investment Into Electrical Cars To Be Made In Europe

Europe will get 10,000 EV charging points and an 'electric highway' to connect Italy to Norway by 2020

International energy company E.ON and Denmark based e-mobility service provider CLEVER have released more details on their plan to rollout charging stations across Europe. These include an ‘electric highway' equipped with ultra-fast charging stations that would connect 7 European countries, from Italy to Norway.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Chinese Invasion Of The East Coast, Couldn't Have Picked A Better Time Though

China Energy, world's largest power company, to invest $83 billion in West Virginia shale gas

China Energy, the world's leading power company, announced Thursday it plans to spend more than $83 billion on shale gas and chemical projects in West Virginia, a deal that represents a massive foreign investment in American energy.