Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Daily Commodities Report

Uranium: URA
Uranium has been a long downward slope for some time, completely giving up all the gains it made in the last half of March. Long term charts will be reviewed this weekend, but I believe a bottom is in place and this chart when compared to the daily-period doesn't appear quite as depressing as it would otherwise suggest. Let's watch to see if this continues to travel horizontally in the current channel and make the breaks at $14.64 and $15.15.

Lithium: LIT
Surprising similarity between the uranium and lithium curves! Even over the last three months with the announcement by Tesla of the construction of a "super" lithium battery factory this simple element has also given up all the gains it made in late March. The same game plan should be in place, however - watch the horizontal movement until $13.07 is touched. The bottom set in March has already been contacted so I am not expecting movement below $12.71. We should have an ascension from here.

Corn: CORN
Corn is currently in a sharp descending bull flag, but occupying the lower half of the channel. Not encouraging to say the least. As of now it's currently holding at the middle band. Becuase the MACD and TRIX indicators are quite oversold both have begun to move up and recently crossed. Currently upward movement in an upward trend. Looking for a moment to some of the limits put in place in March, I am not unopposed to the idea of this still testing $32.60 or $31.60 at some point.

Gold: GLD
Like silver, gold is also oscillating safely within a fairly wide channel between $123.00 and just below $127.00. To be elaborated on more this weekend, I feel gold still has some room to fall outside of this channel.