Thursday, June 19, 2014

Daily Commodities Report: 2 Hourly Charts

I've closed out my commodities short, sorry about the bad call, but my natural gas short is doing very well. Also, silver has done the unexpected and broken through the resistance. I offered that as a possibility but I did say that I was expecting it to retrace. I have purchased SLV even after it climbed 1.63% at the open. At the time of writing its 4.93%

Agriculture: DBA

Coal: KOL

Coffee: JO

Commodities: DBC

Copper: JJC

Corn: CORN

Cotton: BAL

Crude Oil: USO

Gold: GLD

Silver: SLV

Lithium: LIT

Natural Gas: UNG

Palladium: PALL

Platinum: PPLT

Sugar: SGG

Uranium: URA

Wheat: WEAT

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