Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Egypt: The Next Russian Domino to Fall

   Several 'sources' in Egypt have begun to relay worrying news to me regarding the recent election and the general direction the country has taken. Not only has Egypt 'elected' a former head of the countries security administration to lead their country, but that the whole country has taken a worrying lurch towards the Russian sphere of influence. In addition to the contested frontier regions of Syria, Eastern Ukraine, China, and Moldova, we can now say that Egypt looks set to join the Russian block. The most obvious sign of this transition is that the government is now offering fully paid classes to learn the Russian language.The reason for this move is likely related to the U.S.'s failure to further enable Egypt's behaviour with regard to military subsidies, journalist imprisonment, and rigged elections.

He looks exactly like Noriega.
   Most worrying is news I have received that police and secret service intimidation of prominent citizens and potential opposition has already begun. One source confirmed that he was approached and questioned by "security members within the government" who ultimately revealed their intimate and detailed knowledge of his communications with other Egyptian citizens (both home and abroad) via cellular phone and e-mail. When asked what they knew, he simply replied, "they knew absolutely everything." Intimidation of dissent is nothing new but what has surprised me so far is the speed with which it has happened, so recently after the election, and the sophisticated nature of the surveillance given the poor state of Egypt's economy. The question now becomes, how much will these moves affect proposed subsidies from more Western leaning Middle Eastern powers?