Sunday, June 15, 2014

I never turned to drink. It always seemed to turn to me.

News and other items from around the globe. Sorry it's early but I have to run out early Monday morning to pick up an undelivered birthday present!

  • Militants say "1700 have been executed" (New York Times, Washington Post)
    • Iraq will be discussed at nuclear talks with Iran in Vienna: US State Department  (The New York Times)
  • Tony Blair states that the invasion of Iraq in 2003 has absolutely nothing to do with what is now happening in the country. In other news broken condoms are in no way related to unwanted children and cars are not involved in drunk driving accidents (The Guardian
    • Boris Johnson: "Tony Blair needs professional psychiatric help" (Daily Mail)
  • Ergodan: "Iraq on cusp of sectarian war" (World Bulletin)
  • Fighting escalates in Ukraine as jet fighter and transport plane have been downed (Bloomberg)
  • Libyan "renegade" general attacks Benghazi (World Bulletin)
  • Italy (Yahhhh!!) defeated England (boooooo!!) 2 to 1 (The Independent)
  • Costa Rica delivered the biggest CONCAF upset ever in World Cup history (The Guardian)
  • Weird Al Yankovic coming out with a new album (Slash Gear)
  • Finally, a pizza oven for my (imaginary) backyard (Uncrate)
  •   Heavily modified Jeep Wrangler I'll never be able to afford (Bless This Stuff)