Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I want to open a women's clothing store called "Britches and Hoes"

News from around the world that I think is of particular importance:
  • Republican majority leader Eric Cantor loses Virginia primary to Tea Party member. Gridlock assured in Congress (Bloomberg, The Economist)
  • EU brokered mediation discussions between Russia and the Ukraine on gas payments resumes (Bloomberg)
  • "Green" refinery proposed for oil sands in British Columbia (Financial Post)
  • "Smaller gold firms are the key to survival," says San Gold CEO (Financial Post)
  • World Bank has cut global growth forecast for 2014 (Telegraph)
  • Nigeria increasing natural gas shipments to Europe (PennEnergy)
  • Market investors prefer Palladium over Gold (Hard Assets Investor)
  • "Two thirds of Gen X households have less wealth than their parents at the same age" (Zero Hedge)
  • Libyan renegade general agrees to negotiations (World Bulletin)
  • Half a million Iraqis have fled Mosul (World Bulletin)
  • More advances in the area of urban biking (Bless This Stuff)