Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I would describe my style as post-Kindergarten scribblecore

Important news coming in from around the world:
  • Another 10 billion expected to be cut off at Fed meeting (Reuters)
  • Sunni militants invade Iraq's biggest refinery (BBC)
  • In what I am sure will be a huge success, Amazon launches it's smartphone today (The Independent)
  • China's largest gold miner to partner with Newmont and Barrick (Globe and Mail)
  • Bank of England: Rate increase in 2014 (Bloomberg)
  • Iraqi PM leaning pro-Shi'ite as he refuses help from Saudi Arabia (Zero Hedge)
  • China could face U.S. style financial crisis (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Alert: More than half of Chinese commodities trading firm CITIC's alumina is missing (Zero Hedge)
  • Possibility of further tapering? Why not (Zero Hedge)
  • Iraq unrest leading to energy boom in Canada and beyond (Financial Post)
  • British Embassy reopens in Iran (Telegraph)
  • MH370 hotspot confirmed (World Bulletin)
  • Preloaded spyware in Chinese made smartphones (Slash Gear)
  • One million please! The frozen beer slushie machine is here!! (Uncrate)