Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm outdoorsie in that I like getting drunk on patios

News I'm following up on this morning:
  • Aluminum giant Alcoa has developed an electric car with Phinergy with an 1,800 kilometer range (CBC)
  • Militants seize control of Iraq's second largest city, Mosul (New York Times)
  • Buffet ready "to double" wind and solar investment to 30 billion (Bloomberg)
  • Breakdown in negotiations at platinum mine in South Africa (Globe and Mail)
  • Commodity unwind in China may leave foreign banks with undercollateralized loans (Zero Hedge, Goldman Sachs)
  • China defends oil rig in disputed waters with Vietnam (Bangkok Post)
  • Toronto's urban forest worth $700 a tree, or $7 billion total (Financial Post)
  • D'uh! Apparently men's faces have evolved this way because of fighting (Washington Post)
  • Russian forces counter NATO drill in Baltics (World Bulletin)
  • Keyboardless keyboard developed that only uses the palms of your hands to predict movements (Bless this stuff)