Monday, June 23, 2014

In English class, do you think the teacher called on Morgan Freedman all the time and just skipped the other kids?

Some critical developments occurring early on Monday:
  • Possible spillover of Iraqi conflict into Jordan. Another border town is seized. (Bloomberg)
  • Imminent delivery of Apache helicopters to Egypt (World Bulletin)
  • Commodities Alert: Dryness threatens sugar crops (Bloomberg
  • Commodities Alert: Natural gas may drop 3% this week (Investing)
  • Commodities Alert: Five month strike at platinum mine may end June 25th if deal accepted (Bloomberg)
  • Commodities Alert: Record corn crop so far unaffected by rain (Bloomberg)
  • Gay pride parade draws 2 million to Toronto (The Globe and Mail)
  • Canadian dollar up with bonds falling signalling bet on rate hike (Financial Post)
  • French artist creates papier-maché pandas to signal their plight in the wild. Causes 'panda-monium' (Wall Street Journal)
  •  Sexy World Cup fans. You're welcome.