Friday, June 27, 2014

Meeting of psychics has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances

News from everywhere:
  • Japan: Inflation (way) up and spending down (Zero Hedge)
  • Italian versus German debt (Bloomberg)
  • World Bank: Possibility of increased volatility in emerging markets (Bloomberg)
  • Rehypothecation Probe: Shanxi Coal sues Qindao probe company over bills (Bloomberg)
    • Singaporean national and owner Chen Jihong has been detained. 
    • Two separately owned companies under investigation.
  • Ukraine and EU sign trade deal (World Bulletin)
  • Mark Carney: rates at 2.5% (The Telegraph)
  • What? I won't have to make my bed anymore?? (Uncrate)
  • Ariel, makers of the 'Atom,' releasing the 'Ace,' a motorcycle with interchangeable/customizable parts (like VW) (Gear Patrol)