Thursday, June 19, 2014

My nickname in high school? Fuck machine 3000. Why do you ask?

More important events from around the world:
  • Bullish metals ratio? (Trader MC
    • Alert: Someone just bought $500 million dollars in gold futures before the bell
  • U.S. attorney general widens currency probe (Bloomberg)
  • More talks planned to end platinum strike. Meanwhile, platinum continues to rise (Bloomberg)
  • Wheat to climb with unusually high rainfall (Bloomberg)
  • "Volatility too low, disconnected from fundamentals" (Zero Hedge)
  • ISIS flag over Iraq refinery (Globe and Mail)
    • Alert: U.S. to rule out air-strikes until Maliki stands down (The Independent)
  • World Champion Spain falls out of the World Cup (New York Times)
  • Default? Argentina says next bond payment is "impossible" (Reuters)
  • Time for Maliki to go (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Stray cat breaks into zoo and becomes besties with a lynx (Huffington Post)
  •  Over one million Syrian refugees in Turkey now (Huffington Post)
  • UK fighter jets intercept Russian planes in the Baltic region (World Bulletin)