Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Rest day? Where is my 'rest muscle' and how do I train it?

Interesting events from around the world:
  • China  to introduce taxes and regulations forecast to drive rare earth metal prices up (Bloomberg)
  • Coffee enters a bear market (see below)
  • Chinese economy cools forcing mining companies to make cutbacks (Bloomberg)
  • Tiananmen Square Remembrance (Globe and Mail, Huffington Post)
  • Leaked photos of the Millennium Falcon under construction at a secret location in the UK (TMZ)
  • Continuing hostilities in Eastern Europe (ITAR TASS) and the Far East (Zero Hedge)
  • D'uh! Al-Sisi wins Egyptian election with 96.1% of the vote (EuroNews
  • Rehypothecated aluminum (80,000 tons) and copper (20,000 tons) possibly 'missing' from Chinese warehouses (Zerohedge)