Thursday, June 05, 2014

They don't have Netflix in prison is the only reason I'm not in jail.

Round up of news and things from around the world. Here's what I'm reading:
  • "All quiet on the Western Front" as European markets await ECB policy decision (Bloomberg)
  • Amazon planning smartphone to 'compete' with Apple's (more on this later)
  • China in it's fourth week of adding cash to the banking system (Bloomberg)
  • International natural gas market is apparently growing nicely (The Economist)
  • France retaliating against U.S. fine on BNP Paribas by training Russians on French made aircraft carrier (MarketWatch)
  • Vietnam shows footage of sinking fishing boat near disputed islands after being hit by Chinese vessel (Reuters)
  • Due to the cost of sanctions, Iran has agreed to a compromise (Reuters)
  • It's here! Return of the Jedi has been set to iambic pentameter in "The Jedi Doth Return" (Uncrate)
  • Addidas announces sneaker line that can be personalized with user submitted image (Cool Material)