Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Was just reading something terrifying on the dangers of alcohol and it scarred me straight. No more reading from no on.

Critical developments of new and old issues around the globe:
  • Austria and Russia sign pipeline agreement (Zero Hedge)
  • Alert: Copper imports plunge (Zero Hedge)
  • Overnight spike in WTI Crude. Special Forces troops apparently on the ground in Iraq (again) (Zero Hedge)
  • United States exporting crude for the first time 40 years (Bloomberg)
  • Natural Gas facility Methanex temporarily shut down in Egypt due "instability in natural gas supply" (The Globe and Mail)
  • Alert: Excessive rain in the U.S. and soy bean damage - stockpiles set to decline (Bloomberg)
  • Iron ore supplies in Australia increase. Slowdown in China? (Bloomberg)
  • Tesla Gigafactory: Graphite, lithium and cobalt (The Gold Report)
  • Why Iraqi army collapsed (The Economist)
  • Aboriginal group in Canada is the first to sell it's own bond (with a return better than most corporate's) (Financial Post)
  • Explosion kills five in Cairo (World Bulletin
  • "Mandatory" data harvesting in Austrlian security bill (Slash Gear)
  • Alert: GDP falls 2.9% in first quarter, most since 2009 (Reuters)
  • Device that converts percussion into electricity is powering Africa (Huffington Post, Kickstarter)