Wednesday, July 02, 2014

My girlfriend must be really popular, I can hear her cell phone vibrating all night long.

Critical news from around the world this morning that I'm following:
  • Power plants in Iraq are running low on natural gas (Middle East Utilities)
  • Solar Power is Getting Better (The Economist)
  • Global gas supply to rise by 100 billion cubic meters annually (Business Recorder)
  • Japan ends 70 years of pacifism (The Independent)
  • Unity government not formed in Iraq. Collapse of Maliki government imminent (Reuters)
  • Foreign Minister for Israel calls for large scale Gaza operation (World Bulletin)
  • Libyan rebels open remaining two oil terminals. 500,000 barrels to return to world market. (World Bulletin)
  • Rome will be conquered next. Al-Baghdadi vows global jihad. (The Telegraph)
  • More labor disputes in South Africa (Bloomberg)
  • Commodities:
  • Beautiful watch from Oris that I'm never going to be able to afford (Bless This Stuff)
  • Finally! A home draft beer system (Uncrate)