Tuesday, July 15, 2014

So when Rihanna lifts her top at the World Cup everyone is all, "she's expressing herself," but when I do it people are like "that's gross" and "can't you put your shirt on sir, this is a maternity ward."

I'm back everyone! Lyzney and I had a wonderful time together in London and Norwich. None of my job interviews panned out so I will continue to post to Danja Zown regularly. Important news from around the world today includes:
  • Dollar and Treasuries rising, corn falling (Bloomberg)
  • Commodities:
  •  BIS: Emerging markets are going through their own credit boom, world more vulnerable now than before Lehman (The Telegraph)
  • Natural gas spot buying by Japan fell from 14.80/mmBtu to 13.80/mmBtu (Business Recorder)
  • World's largest trading floor "empty" (Zero Hedge)
  • BRICS bank nearing completion (Zero Hedge)
  • 2014 versus 2007 (The Rabbit Hole)
  • The Mercedes S65 AMG has arrived (Uncrate)
  •  Electronic watchmaker Suunto has released some very nice watches for your inner nerd (Bless This Stuff)