Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weekend News Report:

As I slowly return to my routine of writing morning news reports, here are some important tidbits from around the globe:
  • Victory for U.S. steel as duties placed on parts for oil drilling (Bloomberg)
  • Silver's best run in three years (Zero Hedge)
  • Precious metals futures buying (321 Gold)
  • IPO for Mota-Engil stopped in London after being over-shadowed by Portugal banking crisis (The Daily Telegraph)
  • Tighter security ties between Australia and Japan (The Economist)
  • How times have changed: U.S. and Canada to lead global oil supply in 2015 (Financial Post)
  • Death toll in Gaza now 115 (Reuters)
  • Indoor LED farm growing 10,000 heads of lettuce (The Independent)
  • Putin pledges to help search for oil offshore of Cuba (World Bulletin)
  • Kurdish forces seize two oil fields (World Bulletin)
  • Nostalgic for the days of old video game arcades? (Uncrate)
  • I want it! European electric scooter by Vaneko called the "Be.e" hits the market (Bless this stuff)