Friday, September 12, 2014

Commodities Report: Daily Charts

Daily charts from today appear below. Weekly charts will be added tomorrow along with commentary. Commentary will appear this weekend as things have gotten ugly. I can't keep up with channel adjustments that need to be made. Things continue to fall more and more steeply. The only bright spot so far is cotton (BAL) while breakdowns galore appear everywhere else. 

Agriculture: DBA

Aluminum: JJU

Coal: KOL

Coffee: JO

Commodities: DBC

Copper: JJC

Corn: CORN

Cotton: BAL

Crude Oil: USO

Gold: GLD

Lithium: LIT

Livestock: COW

Natural Gas: UNG

Palladium: PALL

Platinum: PPLT

Silver: SLV

Sugar: SGG

Soy Bean: SOYB

Steel: SLX 

Timber: CUT

Uranium: URA

Wheat: WEAT

Jakob Richardson © 2014