Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I love video games because for just a few moments you get to exist inside a fantasy world. For instance in The Sims I have a home and a job.

Important news from around the world:
  • Forex rigging fines could top $41 billion (Bloomberg)
  • Norway unable to supply extra gas to Europe (World Bulletin)
  • Futures slide halted by ECB, Bank of Japan, China's targeted stimulus (Zero Hedge)
  • U.K. borrowing jumps, deficit targets not met (The Telegraph
  • China over the next 60 hours are crucial (Financial Post
  • "Anti Petrodollar" CEO dies in freak plane crash in Moscow (Zero Hedge)
  • Commodities:
    • Oil at $80 dampens shale boom (Bloomberg)
    • China's electric car plans to help aluminum prices (Bloomberg)
    • Gold buying rebounds in India on Diwali (Bloomberg)
    • Soy beans rise as investors assess harvest (Bloomberg)
  • Audi's new TT racer unveiled (Slash Gear)