Wednesday, October 08, 2014

If you ever think you're worthless, remember that you will never be as worthless as a white crayon.

Important news from around the world:
  • Natural gas stabilizing global energy prices (Market Watch)
  • Gazprom ready to double gas supplies to China (Russia & India Report)
  • Kuwait lured to Chevron's Canadian shale assets (Financial Post)
  • London mining shares plummet on cash crunch (The Telegraph)
  • GlenTito: heaven or too far? (The Telegraph)
  • "Europe should dodge Japan's lost decade," former Bank of Japan Official (Bloomberg)
  • Commodities:
    • Gold and Iron least favored by Morgan Stanley (Bloomberg)
    • Coffee crop in Vietnam expanding to almost match record (Bloomberg)
    • Corn snaps rally as harvest topping forecast (Bloomberg)
    • EU companies pocket 2.5 billion selling emissions permits (South China Morning Post)
  • Zero Electric Motorcycles now has expanded four model range (Hi Consumption)

  • News is never complete without a car. The 717 horsepower Hennesy Mustang (Hi Consumption)