Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I hate it when homeless people jingle their change cup. I get it! You have more money than me!

Important news from around the globe:
  • This has only occurred 13 times in the last 54 years (Price Action Lab)
  • Polar vortex 2.0 starts tonight with all 50 states below freezing (including Hawaii) (Zero Hedge)
  • David Cameron warns of looming second crash (Guardian)
  • Forbes: "U.S. money supply decelerates in October. Risk of economic bust just went up." (Forbes)
  • Flash traders enter the Treasury market. Cue the volatility. (Bloomberg)
  • Commodities:
  • Ken Block: "Wild in the Streets of L.A."

  • Finally I can enjoy Old Fashioned cocktails on my next business flight (Design You Trust