Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Daily News Roundup: I can't please everyone, I'm not a jar of Nutella

Foreign Policy:
Sweden preparing for war (321 Energy)
Renzi: Leaders must bring Russia back from the cold (Bloomberg)
An independent Catalonia in the Euro? (The Telegraph)

Russia able to extend life of a reactor by 100 years (International Business Times)
Egypt to start building nuclear power plant (Egypt Independent)
Coal company cuts 100,000 jobs (CRI) 
Commodity route starting to look like a crisis (Bloomberg)

German inflation drops below zero in Euro area price alert (Bloomberg)
Volkswagen to fix 11 million cars (The Telegraph)
Hong Kong home prices might decline 30% through 2017 (South China Morning Post)
Glencore CDS rout continues (Zero Hedge)
Consumer confidence rises to 103.0 in September (Market Watch)

Art and Design:
Porsche Mission E Concept, the "Tesla Kill'ah" (Hi Consumption)
Nike Cortez 72: First track shoe ever is revived (Cool Material)
The Emory Porsche 356, a modern take on a timeless classic (Uncrate)