Saturday, September 19, 2015

Weekend News Roundup: Tumbling markets, the French downgrade and a photo of a brave little girl

Markets and Business:
Hong Kong Monetary Authority: U.S. may not wait much longer to raise rates (South China Morning Post)
Production stopped at U.K.'s largest steel mill (The Telegraph)
Upcoming squeeze on dividend shares? (Bloomberg)
Markets tumble on global concerns (Bloomberg)
Too much leverage has exposed China to imminent decline (South China Morning Post)

China hording world's oil? (Bloomberg)
India poised to open gold mines across the country (The Guardian)

Foreign Policy:
France downgraded by Moody's on weak growth (The Telegraph)
Biden to announce Presidential run? (Zero Hedge)
Egypt: High priests at the temple of the old state (The Economist)

Art and Design:
Photo of the Day: Syrian refugee in Tovarnik (Design You Trust)
Affordable and fast: Lotus beating rivals five times more expensive (The Telegraph)
Could they have made anything more beautiful? The Mercedes Brabus AMG GT-S (Hi Consumption)