Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Daily News Roudup: $5000 was a lot when I was kid, but now that I'm a 34 year old adult with student debt, that seems like a fuck-load of money

International Affairs:
$7 billion boost for Germany's refugees (Bloomberg)
Waiting to happen: The downing of the Russian jet (The Economist)
ECB: Emerging markets vulnerable to multiple shocks (The Telegraph)

Business & Finance:
Brazilian bank CEO arrested in Rio (Bloomberg)
China's earliest monthly economic indicators flash warning sign (Bloomberg)
Europe's banks still weighed down by €1 trillion in bad debts (The Telegraph)
Pfizer and Allergen: Inside the $300 billion merger (The Economist)
Shift: The Bitcoin debit card (Bless This Stuff)
Israel signs natural gas deal with Egypt (Haaretz)
Glencore's oil deal in Libya called 'worthless' (The Guardian)

Art & Design:
Why didn't I think of that? A monthly sunglasses subscription service (kickstarter)
They were once caged, now a nice lady knits sweaters for them (Design You Trust)
Reusable rocket Blue Origin launched successfully (The Awesomer)