Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Daily News Roundup: I have 99 problems, money could solve about 73 of them

Foreign Affairs:
Greek economy set to shrink again (Globe and Mail)
Portuguese Premier toppled, Communists and Socialist poised for control (Bloomberg)
Helmut Schmidt passes away at 96 (The Economist)

Oil majors see low oil prices persisting for months (Globe and Mail)
Global coal consumption heads for largest decline in history (Bloomberg)
Canada's oil-sands to be third largest contributor of crude by 2040 (The Financial Post)

Business & Finance:
1970's Redux: Energy watchdog fears oil crunch with Mid-East stranglehold (The Telegraph)
4 out 5 Fed voters will be ex-Goldman (Zero Hedge)
Increase in risk for China's banking sector as debt burden weighs on small lenders (South China Morning Post)
Corporate bond inventories turn negative for first time (Zero Hedge)

Art & Design:
Thermal scans of pyramids of Giza reveal "anomalies" (Slash Gear)
Star Wars characters as classical Greek statues (Hi Consumption)
 280mph: The Hennessey Venom GT (Hi Consumption)
Yamaha Electric PES2 Concept (The Awesomer)