Thursday, November 19, 2015

Daily News Roundup: Support Our Right to Arm Bears

International Affairs:
Why Islamic State has all the money it needs (Bloomberg)
British National Health: Decreased spending and now a Doctor's strike (The Economist)
U.S. Russia improvement in relations (Bloomberg)

Biggest diamond find in more than a century at 1,111 carats (Bloomberg)
530 Kilometers: Visualization of the oil glut (Zero Hedge)
Goldman eyes $20 oil as glut overwhelms storage (The Telegraph)
Iraqi oil at $30 as OPEC readies for new battles (Reuters)
Obama: "No" to Keystone and "Yes" to nuclear (Business Green)

Business & Finance:
Baltic Index drops to all time low (Bloomberg, Zero Hedge)
Evans Pritchard: Finland's depression is the final indictment of Europe's monetary union (The Telegraph)

Art & Design: 
Canadian kids tying coats to street poles for the homeless (Design You Can Trust)
RWD Huracan LP580-2 (Hi Consumption)
 Bill Fuckin' Murray: A Very Murray Christmas Trailer (Cool Material)