Saturday, November 21, 2015

Daily News Roundup: That dissapointing moment you get to work and it's not on fire

International Affairs:
Terror Alert: Brussels in lockdown (Bloomberg, Zero Hedge)
UK posts biggest budget deficit since 2009 (Bloomberg, The Telegraph)
India backs bigger role for Yuan (South China Morning Post)

Business & Finance:
2016 will be a year of stable growth for equities, say analysts (Financial Post)
Container freight plummets 70% in 3 weeks (Zero Hedge)

The Lucara diamond may be the second largest ever (Financial Post)
Iran seeking to increase output above OPEC's ceiling (Bloomberg)
Oil prices to stay lower for longer (The Telegraph)

Art & Design:
Glaucus atlaticus spotted off (ahem) Australia (Design You Trust)
L.A. Auto Show: Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio and Porsche Targa 4 (The Street) 

People Can Change: Carmelo Anthony visits Rikers Island (The Awesomer)