Monday, November 16, 2015

Daily News Roundup: Vive la resistance!

Foreign Affairs:
The accused man behind the Paris attacks (Bloomberg)
Finland to discuss leaving Eurozone after citizens force debate (The Telegraph)
Putin: Pariah to Playa' (Bloomberg)

OPEC export price falls below $40 for the first time since 2009 (Bloomberg)
Berkshire still has faith in oilsands as stake in Suncor increased (Financial Post)
European steal industry must halve by 2030 in order to survive (The Telegraph)

Business & Commerce:
Japan slides back into recession (Globe and Mail)
The debt crisis rolls on (The Economist)
How Saudi Arabia's oil gamble could kill OPEC and feed the ISIL monster (Financial Post)

Art & Design:
Simple yet powerful: Street art in Paris one day later (Design You Can Trust)
On the block: Aston Martin DB4GT (Hi Consumption)
Office warfare: the 15 best Nerf guns (Hi Consumption)
The Han Solo blaster flask (The Awesomer)