Sunday, November 22, 2015

Silver's Time to Shine

I have noticed a few commentators on the internet have both noticed gold and silver's long term decline but also the possibility of a bottom being put in for one or both of them. I hate calling bottoms because it is often the most irrational part of the stock market and can happen longer than you're able to stay liquid.

The daily chart for silver doesn't appear to reveal anything special, in-fact, my chart is quite messy as I have struggled to find any channels worth charting with the exception of the large downward red channel where it currently finds itself. There are a couple of gaps that need filling around $14.00 and $14.20 but nothing particularly spectacular to write home about. A possible support level at $13.40 may be going in but it's hard to say. It may be premature but the curve in the stochastics(14,7,7) chart looks like it's about slowly shoot up and the RSI(5) indicator was hugely over-sold. So far thought this is a very lukewarm and speculative trade.
What has me really interested about silver is the weekly chart which is currently putting in a massive bullish declining wedge. I'm not ruling out further downside based on the weekly charts either, but for those of you looking to make a long-play on silver the weekly chart is telling me it's time to begin developing a position. A reflection of this change can be seen in the MACD histogram which has shown a series of higher lows and a gradual change towards a positive momentum over the last three years. Last week may have been the first bottom being put in! I am issuing a very strong long-term buy on silver.