Thursday, December 17, 2015

Daily News Roundup: Success is like being pregnant. Everyone congratulates you, but no one knows how many times you got fucked.

International Affairs:
IMF head Christine Lagarde ordered to face trial over Bernard Tapie scandal (The Telegraph)
Putin threatens Turkish jets in Syria as spat escalates (Bloomberg)
Bashar al-Assad's crimes against humanity caught on camera (The Economist)

For Aramco, a pivot to Asia (Bloomberg)
Founder of Fanya, China's defaulting metal exchange, still missing since October (South China Morning Post)

Business & Finance:
Evans-Pritchard: Fed will have to reverse gears fast if anything goes wrong (The Telegraph)
TransCanada files new Energy East plan and puts cost at $15.7 billion (The Globe and Mail)
Hong Kong property market downtrend to last for two to three years as Fed tightening continues (South China Morning Post)
Martin Shkreli arrested for securities fraud (Zero Hedge)

Art & Design:
Microsoft announces HoloLens experience showcase in New York (Slash Gear)
Advice from cats on how to survive the holidays (Design You Trust)
 Presenting the Kuberg Freerider Electric Bike (Hi Consumption)
Star Wars shadow art (The Awesomer)