Monday, February 15, 2016

Daily News Roundup: The last mosquito to bite me ended in the Betty Ford Clinic

Business & Finance:
Draghi says ECB will act if market turmoil threatens outlook (Bloomberg)
The world cannot afford another financial crash, it could destroy capitalism as we know it (The Telegraph)
China's Yuan makes largest gain since 2005 on People's Bank of China cue (Wall Street Journal)

Saudi and Russian Oil Ministers plan talks in Doha Tuesday (Bloomberg)
Russia set to flood diamond market with sale of 167,500 carats (Zero Hedge)
Oil extends rally on prospects OPEC could act to counter low prices (Reuters)

U.K.'s world beating offshore wind could get $8.4 billion bigger (Bloomberg)

International Affairs:
For closer ASEAN-American relations, thank China (The Economist)
Turkey is about launch a false flag operation so they can invade Syria (321 Gold)
A dramatic Russian escalation in Syria appears imminent (The Saker)
U.S. stocks have been falling as Trump and Sanders are rising. Coincidence? (Barron's)
German "bail-in" plan for government bonds risks blowing up the Euro (The Telegraph)

Art & Design:
Iceland in infrared photos (Design You Trust)
MUD wood bicycle (The Awesomer)
Auto-elasticity by Chris Labrooy (Design Boom)