Friday, February 12, 2016

Daily News Roundup: Saw some idiot at the gym put a water bottle where the Pringles are supposed go on the treadmill

Business & Finance:
Deutsche Bank to buy back $5.4 billion of bonds (Bloomberg)
Scotiabank CEO sees disconnect between markets, economy (The Globe and Mail)
A Evans-Pritchard: This is a global stock rout worth celebrating (The Telegraph)
Oil industry got together recently and agreed things may never get better (Financial Post)
Oil prices jump on talk OPEC is ready to deal, but traders are wary of 'jawboning' (Financial Post)
Iran gets help with oil cargoes as insurer says U.S. curb lifted (Bloomberg)
Time to buy gold and battered country ETF's? (Barron's)
Bob Moriarty: A Titan Opportunity in Oil? (321 Energy)

International Affairs:
North Korean mobile ballistic missile called top threat by U.S. (Bloomberg)
Venezuela on verge of default as oil prices fall (RT)

European solar market grows 15% in 2015 (Renewable Energy Focus)
China overtakes Europe to become global wind power leader (The Guardian)

Art & Design:
Juniper: The Happiest Fox in the World (Design You Trust)
For your inner-child, the Arrow Smart Kart (Hi Consumption)
Introducing the Revival BMW Landspeeder (Cool Material)
Arc 3D printed bicycle (Uncrate)