Saturday, February 20, 2016

Daily News Roundup: What's sailing like? Stand in a cold shower and tear up $100 bills

Business & Finance:
Canada's credit cycle has never been this desynchronized from the United States (Bloomberg)
China lenders' foreign exchange holdings omitted from PBOC data (Bloomberg)
Is Central Bank intervention imminent? (Zero Hedge)
Negative rates: Desperate gimmick of vital strategy (The Globe and Mail)

International Affairs:
Cameron calls for EU referendum for June 23rd (Bloomberg)
Turkey moves closer to a fight with Syria - and Russia (The Economist)
How Cameron took on the eurozone and won (The Telegraph)

Russia: Top oil states to complete output talks (Bloomberg)
The stressed out oil-industry faces an existential crisis amid "abyss of $27 oil" (Financial Post)
Gold outlook is positive, TD says, as miners' stock prices climb higher (Financial Post)

Installed solar power capacity touches 5,000 MW in January (Economic Times)
Global wind power capacity tops nuclear energy for first time (Kyodo News)

Art & Design:
Virgin Galatic officially debuts SpaceShip Two, the VSS Unity (Slash Gear)
The 25 best photography books (Hi Consumption)
Classic cars found abandoned in Welsh mine for 40 years (Design You Trust)
Powersliding on Vancouver's North Shore (Hi Consumption)