Monday, March 07, 2016

Before the Bell: Semiconductors (SMH), Technology (XLK) and Small Caps (IWM)

Things are looking a little stretched at this point. It's great that everything has been swell, but the swelling needs to go down. Several technology related ETF's are in bearish ascending wedges with stochastics and RSI indicators at nosebleed levels. Some very slight divergence has begun to emerge on the MACD indicators as well. In Technology's case (XLK), the trading range has been very narrow for over a year now, but it now finds itself coming up to a resistance line made up lower-highs from December.
The most worrisome ETF at the moment are the Russell Small Caps (IWM) which is also in a bearish ascending wedge. I can appreciate that the EMA's are poised to cross over but the ascent to this point has been nothing short of miraculous.
From the charts below which are provided courtesy of we can see that VIX is seemingly at the beginning of another parabolic curve and the weekly chart for the Russell is at a serious resistance point with 100 and 200 moving averages about to cross over for the first time in years!