Saturday, March 12, 2016

Daily News Roundup: I swear, at Starbucks people just speak jibberish like "I want a grande ice mocha no foam quad soy hexagon vortex over a hypotenuse"

Business & Finance:
China stocks chief vows decisive intervention if needed (Bloomberg)
The European Central Bank fires another salvo (The Economist)
Love affair with negative rates ends as central banks step back from global currency wars (The Telegraph)
Is there turmoil ahead? Why you should be factoring in factor ETFs (Financial Post)

International Affairs:
Trump calls off Chicago campaign rally after large protests (Bloomberg)

$19 billion default wave poised to come crashing down as debt catches up to oil boom (Financial Post)
The U.S. Canada war over gas market will heat up in 2017 (Bloomberg)
"Insane" iron ore rally peters out as futures slip back to $50 a tonne (The Telegraph)
IEA for the first time see light at the end of oil's "long, dark tunnel" (Financial Post)

GE has figured out how to make solar power batteries using greenhouse gases (BGR)
UAE to lead in renewable technology (Khaleej Times)

Art & Design:
Highlights from the Geneva Auto Show (Slash Gear)
"The hills have eyes" - curved roof made of zinc (Design You Trust)
Sergey Kolesov: Obscure broken worlds (Design You Trust)
The Aviatore Veloce espresso machine (Hi Consumption)
Jeep Crew Chief 715 concept (Hi Consumption)