Friday, March 04, 2016

Daily News Roundup: Extroverts be all up in my hasmter ball

Business & Finance:
U.S. stocks longest rally since October (Bloomberg)
Spain foreclosures drop most in 7 years as economy grows (Bloomberg)
Debt explosion awaits unless policymakers defuse demographic time-bomb, warns IMF (The Telegraph)
U.S. adds 242,000 jobs, exceeding expectations (Barron's)
This is a "suckers rally" according to (Barron's)

Gold soars into bull market as global growth fears mount (The Telegraph)
Oil market update (Clive Maund)

China's renewable energy sector surges while coal consumption drops (Green Tech Media)
India plans to add 12 GW solar power, 4.1 GW wind energy capacity this year (Clean Technica)

Foreign Policy:
Only the IMF can save Brazil (The Telegraph)
The prospect of Trump versus Clinton is grim (The Economist)

Art & Design:
360 degree view inside New York's $4 billion World Train Center train station (Bloomberg)
The 13th Annual photo contest (Design You Trust)
The Morgan EV3 concept (The Awesomer)
Got wood? Toyota Setsuna concept (Uncrate)