Friday, April 22, 2016

Daily News Roundup: The hardest part of being a vegan is waking early to milk the almonds.

International Affairs:
The $2 Trillion project to get Saudi Arabia's economy off oil (Bloomberg)

Business & Finance:
Bob Moriarty: An Oil and Commodity Bottom (321 Energy)
Biggest oil companies about to report worst earnings in more than a decade (Financial Post)
VW scandal costs double to €16.2 billion (Bloomberg)
Interest rates could go negative, says Bank of England rate setter (The Telegraph)

IEA expects biggest drop in non-OPEC oil output in 25 years (Reuters)
US start liquid natural gas export to Europe (Pravda Report)
IEA expert: Russia, Saudi Arabia to pump as much as possible (CNBC)

Bright future for solar power in the Middle East (Stratfor)
Senvion to ship 300 MW of wind turbines to Chile (Renewables)
More than 170 nations gather to sign Paris climate accord (Bloomberg)

Art & Design:
Aston Martin Vulcan (street legal) (Hi Consumption)
Backflip over Formula E-car (Man of Many)