Thursday, June 16, 2016

Daily News Roundup: I'm sorry, but you have three disease related to stress and another two for handling it so poorly.

Business & Finance:
Shanghai Disneyland - the £3.8 billion park that just opened with Disney's largest castle (Business Insider)
Swiss on alert for turmoil as Brexit probability rises (Bloomberg)
China dumping more than Treasuries as U.S. stocks join fire sale (Bloomberg)
Traders everywhere brace for what could be the most volatile 24 hours for markets in a quarter a century (Financial Post)
Pound could fall sharply on Brexit says Bank of England Mark Carney as he accuses Vote Leave of 'fundamental misunderstanding' (The Telegraph)

HSBC: Gold will explode if Britain votes for a Brexit (Business Insider)
Russia, Venezuela discuss oil production freeze (Reuters)
Solar's great and so is wind, but we still need nuclear power (L.A. Times)

International Politics:
MP Jo Cox has been shot and stabbed - Breaking News (Business News)
Putin's reliance on U.S. commerce has never been greater (Bloomberg)
Near-daily food riots in Venezuela are alarming the whole region (The Economist)

South Africa has huge wind potential, says Nordex (BD Live)
Solar and wind energy's stunning cost falls to continue (Renew Economy)

Art & Design:
Lego VW Beetle (Hi Consumption)
Edge Dominos (Bless This Stuff)
Snowboarding on sand dunes (Man of Many)