Monday, July 25, 2016

Daily News Roundup: I Miss Our Long Romantic Walks To The Refrigerator

Business & Finance:
Based on this measure, China may be caught in a liquidity trap (Bloomberg)
Beware the $10 trillion glut of Treasuries as U.S. falls deeper and deeper into the red (Financial Post)
Huge spike in Chinese property investors' interest in the U.K. post-Brexit (The Telegraph)
Globalization is slowly dying (Business Insider)

Oil tumbles to three month low as U.S. drilling climbs amid glut (Bloomberg)
Energy giants profits' five times too high (The Telegraph)
Iraq overtakes Saudi Arabia as top oil seller (Business Standard)

International Affairs:
Sturgeon says "Hard Brexit" concern boosts independence case (Bloomberg)
Donald Trump threatens to pull U.S. out of the World Trade Organization (The Telegraph)
Erdogan's counter-coup weakens the Syrian rebels (The Economist)

UK wind farm ban may cost Scotland £3 billion, report says (Bloomberg)
Iran signs deal for 30 MW solar project (Renewables)
Wind energy deals are swaying major players (Clean Technica)

Art & Design:
BMW concept (Hi Consumption) 
Bertone concept cars (Uncrate)
Olympics and real triumph (Man of Many)