Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Daily News Roundup: I'm Sorry For What I Said When You Tried To Wake Me Up

Business & Finance:
London off-plan home sales slump 34% as Brexit woes intesify (Bloomberg)
Canadian millennials still stuck in the basement as youth unemployment surges (Financial Post)
FTSE 100 falter and pound slides by more than expected on airfares surge (The Telegraph)

Weaker pound drives surge in United Kingdom gas exports to continent (Bloomberg)
Saudis aim to create world's largest oil fleet (Oil Price)
Russia clears $11.38 billion for nuclear power plant in Bangladesh (BD News 24)

Solar energy development gains momentum in Nigeria (ESI Africa)
India doubles down on solar parks after SunEdison setback (Reuters)

International Affairs:
United Kingdom faces slowest growth since 2012 after Brexit vote, says IMF (Bloomberg)
Turkey extends purge to Universities, asking all Deans to go (Bloomberg)

Art & Design:
2017 Ford GT Heritage Edition (Hi Consumption)
Presenting, the Kraken by Iron Pirate Garage (Man of Many)
 For sale, a 1968 Lamborgini 400GT right hand drive (Uncrate)
Star Wars drones you can battle with (Cool Material)