Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Daily News Roundup: My Computer Hard Drive Crashed And The NSA Won't Send Me Their Backup Copy

Business & Finance:
Brexit bounce making history as stocks gain closes in on $2 trillion (Bloomberg)
If the message the bond market is sending is right, we should all be terrified (Financial Post)
No, the markets are not taking Brexit in their stride. Far from it. (The Telegraph)

Two years into the oil price war that changed the world, looks like OPEC is winning (Financial Post)
IEA warns that oil demand is ebbing while supply remains at elevated levels (CNBC)
U.S. becoming net natural gas exporter in 2017 (Platts)
Iran has agreed to join with France in nuclear fusion project (Reuters)

International Affairs:
David Cameron bows out in hilarious Prime Minister's Questions (The Telegraph)
Women are cleaning up Britain's Brexit mess (Bloomberg)
U.N. tribunal dismisses China's claims in the South China Sea (The Economist)
Amid talk of helicopters, Abe eyes reboot of plan (Bloomberg)

Wind energy supplied 83% of South Australia electricity on Monday (Renew Economy)
EDF acquires majority stake in Chinese wind energy developer (Daily Mail)

Art & Design:
NASCAR Land Rover Defender by Yasid Design (Hi Consumption)
Ecce Cycles Opus series is art, on a roll (Man of Many)
Atlas Obscura (Uncrate)
Presenting the Guacamole Breakfest Sandwich (Werd)