Monday, August 08, 2016

China (FXI): Starting To Concern Me

Don't get me wrong, I've been creamed by this market constantly melting up. It's simply too over-valued. Frankly, it was over-valued three or four years ago. Ascents in the market need to built on strong optimism and yet I (and many others I expect) haven't figured out what this market has been built on except market mechanics, inflated rhetoric, and the fear that any movement downwards would reveal the system for what it truly is, empty and failed. I've been looking at the China ETF FXI and it's looking like it could climb a little further to around the $36.50 region, but a very strong ascending wedge has appeared and I quite like it. This is something thought that might require some patience as there's still two good weeks left before this begins to get tight. The break above $35.75 was quite bullish but what also concerns me are that EMA's are getting further and further spread out. As always this is just a theory as we haven't yet seen any divergence yet on the MACD, but with the general over-valuation of the market I think FXI should be on your medium-term radar.