Thursday, August 25, 2016

Daily News Roundup: I Would Be Inclined To Grow Up If I Saw It Worked For Everyone Else

Business & Finance:
Real world shows economics has a deflation problem (Bloomberg)
The economic pain of raising Britain's drawbridge (The Economist)
Stocks, bonds, dollar run out of steam before Yellen's speech (Bloomberg)

Russian oil production to hit new record in 2016 (Sputnik News)
Breakthrough could eliminate nuclear waste by 2025 (Daily Caller)
Panama canal revamp eases U.S. LNG access to China (MarketWatch)
Iran signal more willingness for OPEC action to boost oil price (The Star)

International Affairs:
EU faces hard work to overcome Brexit (Bloomberg)
French support for the EU projects is crumbling on the left and right (The Telegraph)
Italy toll rises to 247 as anguish mounts (Bloomberg)
Colombia and the FARC: Ending a half-century of war (The Economist)
These charts show the confusing state of Britain's post-Brexit economy (Business Insider)
Glut in solar industry lowers the price (The Tech News)
Global utility scale solar could reach 100GW by year's end (Energy Matters)

Art & Design:
The musket by Hazan Motorworks (Hi Consumption)
Its back! NES Classic Edition (Man of Many
Rooms with a view - Texas glass wall house (Man of Many
An inflatable solar powered LED light: Luci Outdoor 2.0 (Werd)