Saturday, August 20, 2016

Daily News Roundup: I'm On The Michael Phelps Diet Minus The Swimming

Business & Finance:
Treasuries decline with stocks after hawkish Williams remarks (Bloomberg)
The 19 stocks the 841 hedge funds think will get demolished (Business Insider)
Research finds that traders looking at prices use parts of the brain associated with reading other people (Bloomberg)

Shale drillers party like it's 2014 as oil finds bull market (Bloomberg)
Oil: From bear to bull market in 16 days (The Telegraph)
Get ready for a bust in the lithium boom amid race to supply Tesla's batteries (Financial Post)
Oil rig climbs for 8th week in a row (Business Insider)

International Affairs:
More trouble brewing on the Crimean border (The Economist)
U.K. planning to trigger Brexit action by April (Bloomberg)
Turkey is convinced the West was behind the attempted coup (The Economist)
India and China vie for greater share in oil sales in Myanmar (Sputnik News)

America's first offshore wind farm is almost ready (Fast Co Exist)
New low solar price record set in Chile - 2.91 cents per kilowatt hour (Clean Technica)
GE is building America's first offshore wind farm with turbines twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty (Business Insider)
Art & Design:
Estream portable water power generator (Hi Consumption)
8 great moments in drug history (Cool Material)
BMXing on the salt flats of Bolivia (Man of Many)