Thursday, September 15, 2016

Small Bullish Declining Wedges Abound in Financials (XLF), Brazil (EWZ), Emerging Markets (EEM), Europe (VGK), High Yield (HYG) And Others

I'm still sitting on the sidelines with a small position in Natural Gas ETF UNG at the moment, but going through my index funds I began noticing a lot of small declining wedges that have been created over the last five to seven trading sessions. It has shown up best in Financials ETF XLF but has also appeared in the Brazil ETF EWZ, Emerging Markets ETF EEM, Europe ETF VGK, High Yield ETF HYG, Malaysia ETF EWM, Metals and Mining ETF XME, Oil Services ETF OIH, Real Estate ETF IYR, Small Cap ETF IWM, and Technology ETF XTN. I'm not married to all them but some of them do look like great bullish declining wedges.

Brazil: EWZ
Emerging Markets: EEM
Europe: VGK
Financials: XLF
High Yield: HYG
Malaysia: EWM
Metals and Mining: XME
Oil Services: OIH
Real Estate: IYR
Small Cap: IWM
Technology: XLM