Thursday, February 02, 2017

It May Be Boring, But This Might Be The Calm Before The Storm

Being Boring

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I want Slope to be exciting and interesting. I want people to seek it out on a daily basis to read what I’ve got to say. But, Good God in heaven almighty, just look what I have to work with these days, people:
That’s the Russell 2000 for the past two months. Day after day after day of going nowhere. Some days a little up. Some days a little down. On the whole: zilch.

Well, perhaps we should try something besides equities, right? I mean, c’mon, Tim, quit yer bitching. I hear the crude oil market can be wild and wooly. Let’s check out out!
Ummm…….welp, apparently OPEC has managed to secure a $53 price for oil, and there it stays, week after week, month after month.

Just about the only slightly interesting phenomenon I’ve noticed lately is that energy stocks are starting to sink, even though oil itself steadfastly stays at $53. Take note of this divergence:
On the whole, though, the market is about as exciting and engaging as a compendium of essays about Roseanne Barr’s sex life.

On a personal note, I’m pleased to say that it looks like there is interest in my screenplay. From what I’ve learned about the moviemaking business, the odds of a new screenwriter getting any interest at all is precisely 0.00, so I’m excited to have two promising leads. At least I have something to occupy me besides this goddamned market, which is putting all of us to sleep.